About Us

Our Story

Stutorialz is based in New York and was founded in 2017 out of a passion… a passion to help kids do well with challenging subjects, gain not only deep understanding of the subject matter but true confidence in their own abilities, get the best grades they can, and be better prepared for college and life.

We are parents to teenagers in the public - school system. Like you, we value their education and want them to do well. We observed that one of our children, despite being an A-student,sometimes struggled with a few subjects in high school. We could sense that it was getting overwhelming. He needed someone who could explain the concepts in a way that made sense to him.

That's when we did the legwork and found an online tutor who could teach him. This was the best decision we made. While it took time to find the right person, the investment paid off. In one month, our child was able to switch from playing catch-up to getting ahead and learning the concepts before they were taught in school. He started to enjoy his classes and his grades reflected that. He wanted to push this further by planning the courses he wanted to take in college and preparing for them in advance. We managed to find experienced private online tutors and build the right curriculum to accelerate his learning.

While our children are expected to handle their coursework in high school independently, sometimes we need to help them realize that they are not any less smart by having a tutor. In fact, asking for help is often the smartest thing to do.

We realized that our situation was not unique, and many other parents struggle to find the time or the right resources to help their children succeed academically. We wanted to do something about it. And Stutorialz was born.

Stutorialz blends an innovative online learning platform with an interactive tutoring platform to help high school students master STEM subjects. We do the legwork and match your child to the right tutor while providing all the materials, resources and tools they need to succeed.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that curiosity prepares the brain for learning. If a teacher or tutor can ignite this curiosity, children will be naturally motivated and better prepared to learn the concepts that they might otherwise consider boring or too difficult. Standardized testing, exam scores and class grades will all fall into place if we can first instill this desire to learn.
  • We believe in instilling confidence. As the student follows his or her natural curiosity and masters a concept, they will gain confidence in their abilities and will, in turn, be stirred to learn more.
  • We believe in letting them wonder, ask the right questions, and find the learning methods and approaches that are right for them. Our teaching philosophy honors and nurtures this spark in all children.

Customized Learning

When it comes to education, one size doesn't fit all. Our teachers will work with you to create an individually tailored program of study designed to enable your child to achieve theiracademic goals.

Until recent years, many of the subjects that high school students study today used to be considered college level. It is understandable that many of today's kids struggle with mastering these topics.

Imagine if you had to teach yourself from a 700-page textbook.... NOW think about having your personal teacher working with you one-on-one explaining, illustrating, demonstrating the material for thorough, focused learning, while also allowing you the space to self-study and explore through textbooks, videos and illustrations. That is what we offer!

Learn from the Best

Whether your child is a straight- A student looking to stay ahead or has fallen behind a bit and needs to catch up, we will help them achieve their goals. With so many options when it comes to choosing supplementary education, we strive to make your decision as easy as possible by providing the best technology, the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutors and the passionate, dedicated customer service that we are proud to stand behind.

Our teachers have a deep understanding of what they teach and are able to explain it in ways that capture the students' interest and connect with the way they learn. Discover your child's true learning potential.

How We Work

Stutorialz brings together passionate, talented teachers, extensive curricula and a collaborative academic approach to challenge students to stretch themselves in new ways that promote real success in learning.

Stutorialz uses the latest technology to deliver online content through a fully interactive platform that gives students control over their learning pace, with the flexibility to access all of the resources from any device, anytime.


At Stutorialz, we believe that teachers will always be an integral part of the learning process because they provide more than instruction to students: they give guidance, inspiration and support in ways that technology can't. That's why all of our teachers meet our high standards for not only mastery of the subject matter, but also skill in delivering the material effectively and engaging the students' curiosity for better comprehension.


Stutorialz customizes the curriculum for each student based on pre-assessment results and assigns teachers that best fit the student's level, learning style and communication preferences. Your assigned tutor will be dedicated to your student throughout the engagement to maintain consistency and gain the educational advantages that come with building a meaningful teacher-student relationship.


The Stutorialz platform is designed for continuous two-way communication. Our direct feedback, assessments, progress reports and communication with both the student and parents makes our programs effective and efficient. You and your student can check course progress and address any issues or concerns at any time.

Student Support Counselor

Get hands-on enrollment help and ongoing support from a dedicated Student Support Counselor. A Student Support Counselor is just like your high school Guidance Counselor or Academic Advisor. He or she will be with you from day one helping your child enroll in the right course, finding the best tutor for your child, walking your child through our platform, tracking progress and recommending remedies if your student falls behind, and more. In other words, your student support counselor is your dedicated liaison at Stutorialz and it's their job to make your child's experience pleasant and stress-free. Feel free to ask them for help anytime.