Stutorialz blends an innovative online learning platform with one-on-one support from online tutors to help high school students master STEM subjects. Each student is matched with the right tutor for their learning style and receives a personalized curriculum with all the materials, resources and tools they need to succeed.

Our Story

Stutorialz was founded by parents for parents in New York City in 2017 out of a passion to help kids master STEM subjects. We’re driven to help students gain a deep understanding of math and science subjects, get the best grades they can, and build self-confidence in their own abilities to be better prepared for college and life.

As parents of teenagers in high school, we want to see them succeed in their courses and stay ahead of the curve for college. We observed that one of our children, despite being an “A student,” struggled with a few STEM courses in high school. As he struggled to keep up, we could sense that it was getting overwhelming – he needed someone who could explain the concepts in a way that made sense to him.

We performed a lot of research and found an online tutor that was a good fit. Due to our busy schedules, including our other children’s school and activities, an online tutor was a convenient way to get the extra help our son needed.

While we didn’t know what to expect at the time, hiring a STEM tutor for our son was one of the best decisions we could make. It took some time to find the right tutor, but the investment paid off. In one month, our son was able to switch from playing catch-up to getting ahead and learning the concepts before they were taught in school. Best of all, he started to enjoy his classes again, and his grades soon reflected the improvement.


We realized that our situation was not unique, and many other parents struggle to find the time or the right resources to help their children succeed academically. We wanted to do something about it. And that’s when Stutorialz was born.

We started with the same curriculum we built for our son, and working with experienced teachers, we built an entire online course platform. Each step of the way, we added tools that we wanted to use, like realtime progress reports, and self-assessments to ensure students stay on track.

As we built the Stutorialz online course platform, we also searched for the most talented STEM tutors. Through a rigorous application process, plus background screening for peace of mind, we select only the best STEM tutors to provide one-on-one support for students.

While our children are expected to handle their coursework in high school independently, sometimes they need help to master a specific subject. It’s important they understand that they’re not any less smart asking for help. In fact, asking for help is often the smartest thing they can do.

We hope that Stutorialz provides you and your children the same improvement in grades, boost in self confidence and love of learning that they will carry beyond high school and into college.

Our Philosophy

Ignite Curiosity

We believe that curiosity is the key to learning. When a teacher or tutor can curiosity in a student, they are motivated to learn concepts they might otherwise consider boring or too difficult. Standardized testing, exam scores and class grades all fall into place once you instill a desire to learn.

Inspire Confidence

In addition to teaching the material, the role of a tutor is to inspire confidence in the student to tackle what may seem like a difficult subject at first. As the student follows his or her natural curiosity and masters a concept, they will gain confidence in their abilities and will, in turn, be stirred to learn more.

Improve Self-Mastery

We believe in letting students guide the way. Our pre-assessment is designed to capture their unique needs and learning style. Throughout each online tutors help each student and monitor self-study activities. As children begin to take control of their own approach to studying, they develop self-discipline and a love of learning that will carry them through college and into adult life.

The Stutorialz Difference

Personalized Online Curriculum

When it comes to education, one size doesn't fit all. Our expert tutors and Student Support Counselors work with you to create an individually tailored program designed to meet the specific needs and learning style of your child.

Math and science subjects can be particularly challenging for many students. The power of the Stutorialz online course platform is our ability to create a customized curriculum path for each student, combined with one-on-one support to help them master STEM subjects.

Imagine if you had only a textbook and regular classes to study advanced math and science subjects. That would be quite challenging. Now… imagine having your own personal tutor working with you one-on-one: teaching, explaining and demonstrating the material in a way you understand, while also allowing guiding you through self-study resources including videos and illustrations. That’s exactly what Stutorialz provides!

Expert STEM Tutors

Whether your child is a “straight A” student that wants to say ahead of the curve or they have fallen behind a bit and need to catch up, we will help them achieve their goals. All of our expert online science and math tutors complete a rigorous application process, including a background check to give you peace of mind.

We only select the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable tutors that are passionate about the subject matter they teach, and skilled at meeting the learning styles of different children. To become a Stutorialz tutor, you must have proven mastery of STEM subjects, as well as the ability to engage students in the learning process.

We know choosing the right tutor for your child can be a time-consuming process, that’s why we removed all the guesswork by finding the best tutors for you.

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