Personal Tutoring

We match your child to the right tutor and provide the materials, resources, and tools they need to succeed. Personal tutoring is ideal for students who are struggling in a subject, or who need help building a strong foundation or to catching up to their classmates in school.

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Academic Coaching Online

Kids today are busy, but that doesn’t mean they need to be overwhelmed. We help students achieve success while balancing the busiest of schedules and the toughest classes. Academic Coaching is ideal for students who are doing well in school but need a little guidance in order to navigate through doubt and toward improved grades.

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We offer courses to support students looking to break into higher levels of learning ahead of the school curriculum in preparation for college and beyond. Advance Prep is ideal for students who are willing to make significant commitment to study time with their tutor and on their own.

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Benefits of ACADEMIC COACHING services:

Part of what sets Stutorialz apart is our Student Support Counselors. Their job is to do everything they can to make you and your child's experience pleasant and stress-free. They’ll be with you from day one, guiding you through the enrollment process, helping you and your student understand the platform, identifying the best tutor for you child’s specific goals, tracking their progress, and recommending solutions if you aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for.

shared communication

Continuous two-way communication to keep students on track, focused, and positioned to do well in their classes and on standardized exams.

Direct access

Direct access to passionate, talented coaches, extensive curricula, and a collaborative academic approach to challenge students to stretch themselves in new ways.

An innovative online learning platform

An innovative online learning platform blended with an interactive tutoring platform to help students master their most challenging subjects.

AP, Regents, and college prep

AP, Regents, and college prep exam courses designed to inspire students to think on a higher level, while breaking down complex, college-level content.

curated learning plan

A carefully curated learning plan created just for your child that will put them on the pathway to high school and collegiate success.

Our Approach



Pre-Assessment: Students take a pre-assessment exam to help us fully understand your student’s needs, goals, learning style, preferred communication, and more.



Curation: Tutors communicate with the school to identify what’s giving the student trouble, then they will carefully curate a coaching plan based on your child’s needs, goals, and learning style.



Instruction: Coaches are always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and challenge students to go the extra mile. Our tutors work in tandem with the school to identify the area to be focused on, and help the student master that subject.



Assessments and Updates: Throughout the course, tutors monitor progress and offer guidance, including when to take tests, what should be reviewed, to get your student closer to their end goal. Our tutors will use the student’s school schedule to inform their lessons and ensure that the specific topics are reviewed and tested prior to tests in school.



Success: When your student succeeds in the classroom, they are laying a foundation for independent learning they can build on for the rest of their lives. We’ll help get them there.

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