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Tutor -When to Get Help For Your Child

Does my child need Tutoring ? 

If you are reading this article you are partially convinced that your child needs some help. Classroom settings can make it tricky for teachers to give each student the individualized attention they need, so parents often feel that some of the responsibility of getting and keeping their child up to speed falls on them. this is where a tutor comes in.

Here’s the clincher personalized attention benefits not only students who are having trouble in a subject, but also students who excel, and students who are somewhere in between—there’s no limit to who can benefit from one-on-one time with an expert in a subject.  That’s where private tutoring can boost the academic success of students at any level.

Students absorb material at different speeds, and when students learn at a different rate than their peers, they may feel disheartened and lose confidence, becoming too embarrassed to ask questions. This lack of confidence can linger into the remainder of their schooling and even into adulthood. Negative impacts of this low academic assurance can lead to low grades and a long-lasting lack of interest in their schoolwork.

How tutoring helps

If a student is struggling to keep up, a private tutor can relieve some of the pressure and shine a guiding light to success. Whether that’s by giving one-on-one attention that a classroom teacher can’t provide, or by finding the approach that best fits the student’s individual learning style. When a tutor takes the dedicated time to learn about a student’s unique learning style, they can tailor lessons in a way that will boost the student’s once-lost confidence so they feel comfortable asking questions to make sure they fully understand the lesson. By having more one-on-one time to study the student’s learning style, the tutor can find the lesson approach that makes the most sense and will resonate with the student most strongly.

A common misconception

People often think that only students who are struggling in a particular subject require the help of a tutor. But that’s simply not true! Seeking the expert help of a personal tutor is beneficial to any student at any level, and can be sought for any (or all) subject areas. There’s no harm in utilizing the master skills of a trained tutor to help a student excel in every area of their curriculum. Even if they have a deep understanding of the material, a tutor might be able to share study skills or comprehension tips that will help successful students become even more successful as they make their way through high school and into college. By spending time strengthening a student’s overall academic performance, the student and tutor will see an increase in confidence, concentration, study habits, academic drive, and more.

Tutor vs. Classroom

Asking for additional clarification after class may help a student understand a topic they aren’t grasping, but sometimes that’s not enough. Nowadays some schools offer extra help, but there is usually a line of students queuing up for it and they can probably get one doubt cleared at a time. A student asking their teacher for help can be intimidating since the teacher is responsible for grading that student’s work, so they may hesitate from asking all of their questions.

If the parent and tutor fully understand the learning environment that a student excels in, the tutor can plan lessons based on his or her strengths or needs. Some students need a tutor that can refocus their attention to they don’t miss important lessons. Other students may have trouble with communication and group work. Tutors can grow and maintain personal relationships and an open line of communication and coordination between students, parents, and the school, to make sure everyone is on the same page and understands the student’s progress.

What does a tutor bring to the table?

  • Knowledge and skill
  • Strong personal relationships with the student
  • A personalized learning approach
  • Examples of real-life application to help students understand
  • The ability to teach to a student’s strengths
  • To find solutions that allow the student to work around his or her weaknesses
  • Accelerate teaching styles to keep kids ahead of the class  
  • Students with private tutors are 95% more likely to increase their homework completion and accuracy.
  • Students with private tutors are 87% are more likely to set goals and improve organizational skills

How teachers, tutors, and parents can work together

  • Teachers and tutors can touch base to discuss the student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Teachers can provide curriculum calendars to help the tutor work alongside the student’s class
  • Parents can communicate with the tutor to stay informed about lessons
  • Parents can listen in on sessions so they can help the student with homework
  • Tutors can grow their skills by taking advantage of professional development
  • Teachers and parents can communicate to keep the student on track to achieve success

Asking the right questions can make all the difference in choosing a tutor for your child. Stutorialz takes this guess work out by matching a tutor for your child academic goals with the right, expertise and experience.This is in tandem with an extensive curricula to ensure that the student stretches themselves in ways that promote real success in learning. To schedule a call with our student support counselors click here.

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