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How To Earn College Credits in High School

Want to get ahead of the game from the start? Imagine already having college credit when you arrive on campus, fresh out of high school. If you take an Advanced Placement (AP) course and do well on the nationwide exam, scored out of 5, it could happen for you.

AP Essentials

The AP exam is the same no matter where you go to school. It’s standardized across the nation to provide an even benchmark across the country. More than 2.7 million students take  AP exams in May. AP subjects include classes in English, Science, Mathematics, History, World Languages, and the Arts. They are intended to be very challenging and also very rewarding.

AP Benefits

AP courses give students the opportunity to explore college-level courses in an array of subjects. This is followed by an AP exam. Scores on the AP exam can:

  • Earn you college credit
  • Exempt you from introductory courses so you can start at the next level. For example, an entry-level English class is often required by colleges during a student’s first year.
  • Is a gateway to more advanced subjects like literature or creative writing.
  • Earning a high score on an AP English exam, can give you the opportunity to skip over the 100-level class.

Costs and Savings

AP exams can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars in admissions costs, making the exam fee well worth it. One college credit ends up costing about $1,100 at a school with $35,000 yearly tuition. That means that  doing well on even one AP exam can save you up to almost $9,000! 


“Doing well,” however, means different things at different schools and across different subjects. The schools themselves establish the rules for awarding credit, not the College Board. Many selective institutions will only accept 4s and 5s. Some will accept 3s on language exams. If you’re hoping to get AP credit at Ivy League schools, keep in mind that Dartmouth and Brown typically do not grant college credit for AP classes.


AP scores have to be submitted directly from the College Board. To get your scores to the schools of your choosing, all you have to do is request a score report. Once the school receives your scores, you’ll be notified about any credit or exemptions you will be granted. You also have the opportunity to send your score free of charge to one college upon your completion of the exam. The challenge is you won’t know what your score is before they send it. You have the option to wait to send your score or send it to more than one school. What you need to know thought that there will be an additional fee attached to each submission.


While taking the AP course seems like the most logical way to prepare for the AP exam, the course itself is not required to take the test. If you’ve excelled in a certain academic area all year (or maybe even your entire life), you can take the exam just like everyone else. Once you’ve registered and paid the fee, nothing can stop you from trying your luck on test day. If the test goes as well as you hope, you could earn college credit or exemption in just one single day.

If you’re a superstar in one or more subjects and plan to show your expertise in the AP exam, be sure to submit your scores to the College Board.

Scoring AP credit for college isn’t however easy. Remember to study up.  Stutorialz has an extensive data bank of Ap Prep Questions and our expert tutors can help you prepare for the course. What you need to remember is that one small number between 3 and 5 could have a huge impact on your college experience and maybe even your career.

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