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How To Help Your High Schooler Cope With Study Stress

Demanding high school schedules can teach students how to manage their time and achieve success, but the road to that achievement comes with challenges. Balancing homework, studying, extracurriculars, and social activities can feel impossible for students and parents alike. With the right tools and resources, you can help your student cope with study stress during high school and beyond.

Studying is not a competition.

High schoolers often treat stress as a reflection of academic strength, feeling like they have to spend long nights studying to put themselves ahead of their classmates. The problem with long nights is that they trigger an unhealthy cycle of tiredness, sickness, and inability to retain information, making it difficult to make any progress at all.

Preventing stress may start with your student changing his or her study methods.

One way to do that is thinking about quality of information that’s absorbed, rather than the quantity. If your student focuses on one part of the work ahead (rather than how much work is ahead) the workload becomes more manageable.

Don’t just focus on the material you enjoy.

Staying focused is harder when a certain subject is especially challenging. Instead of letting work pile up, students should try tackling material that comes less naturally in the same way they treat their favorite subject. People say that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, and the same should be said for studying.

Stress should be used as a springboard to make adjustments.

Feeling stressed is a result of the brain becoming overwhelmed, sending out a signal to take a break. Students should listen to that signal, but that doesn’t mean abandoning schoolwork completely.

Seeking help may be the key.

If you’ve tried to find relief for your student’s overwhelming study pressure on your own and can’t seem to find a suitable solution, seeking the help of a private tutor is likely a worthwhile next step. It’s important to recognize that having a tutor doesn’t mean a student is less smart than his or her classmates—in fact, sometimes seeking the help of a qualified tutor is the smartest thing you can do. Tutors can help students both having trouble with a particular subject, as well as high-performing students who want to continue on the same advanced trajectory.

Whether a student isn’t being sufficiently challenged in their classes, he or she is trying to recover from an especially difficult test or assignment, or if the student needs specific instruction somewhere that they’re falling behind, seeking one-on-one help will be worth a potentially taxing search.

With so many talented individuals and services, finding the best tutor for your unique situation can be daunting. The most reliable method of finding a tutor who fits your student’s needs, both academically and personally, is to get a recommendation from a trusted individual or service, like Stutorialz.

Stutorialz’s interactive tutoring platform does the legwork to match students with the right tutor while providing all the materials, resources, and tools needed to succeed. To learn more about managing study stress, how to cope with it, and how to see your student’s academic performance soar, visit Stutorialz.com.

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