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Senior year in High School

Once freshman, sophomore, and junior years are behind you and high school graduation grows closer, it’s time to apply to college! You may not know exactly what you want to study—and that’s completely fine. During the application process, colleges and universities will usually allow applicants to select an “undecided” major so you can take some entry-level classes before you commit to one subject area. Depending on the school, you may be asked to complete the Common Application or the Coalition Application, which are standardized applications that many schools accept, making the process more simple for all parties. Those schools may ask that you also complete a supplemental section of short answer or essay questions to learn more about you and your interests.

Time to apply to college!

In addition to applications, schools vary in their admissions process, however there’re some term you should familiarize yourself with.



Early Decision 

A Students may apply to only to only one college with an early decision program. Students will receive an admission decision before Mid-December and might experience a slightly less competitive admission review process however it is legally binding, and once accepted the student must join the college, so be really sure its the college you’ve always aspired to be a part of.For list of colleges that accept ED click here.

Early Action

Others colleges offer early action admission, which isn’t legally binding, but acts as an opportunity to tell the school that it’s one of your top choices. Students can apply to more than one college on such a non-binding program.

Rolling admission

This is another possibility, which means the school will look at your application when they receive it and let you know if you’re admitted within six weeks. If you apply to a school with a priority deadline, they’re guaranteed to send you a decision by a certain date if you apply by a certain date.

How many colleges should you apply to?

You may know exactly what school you want to go to, apply early decision, and get in—but that’s rare. It’s a good idea to give yourself more than one option, but how many options is the right number? Building a list of three to seven schools is encouraged. That list should include at least one school in your state that’s an academic and financial match, one or two that are a bit of an academic reach, and one or two that you and your counselor feel strongly about. Once your list is ready, it’s time to send in those applications!  

Tips for twelfth grade:

  • Consider a college major
  • See which application your top schools require
  • Start work on the Common Application
  • Note the admissions deadlines for your top schools
  • Apply to your top three to seven schools

Wherever your high school path takes you, we have the tools you need to make it through high school and enter college confidently, and we look forward to walking you through them soon. Learn more here.

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