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Sophomore Year In High School – Top tips


As ninth grade comes to a close, the same forward-thinking approach should be carried over into your sophomore, junior, and senior years. If you’re starting to think about AP classes, you should take a look at our helpful guide and explore the study resources we offer. Those AP classes will boost your strength of schedule, but they might only be worth it if you know you will perform well. Read our article on the low-down on AP classes to learn more

Tenth grade is also a good time to consider areas of interest that you might want to turn into a career. You should take a personality test to get a good sense for your strengths, and once you know what they are, a career profile tool can match you to potential careers. It may seem too early to think about a job, but it isn’t! It will also help you find colleges that are a good fit for your interests. If you find that you’re interested in engineering, architecture, or nursing, you may need to apply directly to that major, so it’s good information to have ahead of time.

  • Standardized Testing: PSAT, SAT, ACT

Before college, you’ll have to take the SAT and/or ACT, which are usually offered during December of your junior year. Preparation for those tests should begin at the end of tenth grade and into the summer. If you’ve already taken the PSAT, you should start preparing for the SAT before your junior year starts. Taking practice tests, reading prep books, quizzing yourself on the PSAT answers you’ve already seen, and hiring a personal tutor are great ways to keep your mind sharp and test-ready over the summer.

Top Tips for Tenth Grade:

  • Keep up the good work
  • Explore AP classes to see if they’re a good fit
  • Think about your areas of interest
  • See which colleges match your interests
  • Use your PSAT results to study for the SAT

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