Put your child on the path to career success with advanced STEM Mastery Programs.

Our intensive 4-5 year STEM Mastery Programs in Math, Engineering and Pre-med offer your child a 360 approach to advancing in STEM subjects and preparing for STEM careers.

Mastery Programs

All of our Mastery Programs include access to our online learning platform with live one-on-one tutoring from our expert STEM tutors. Choose the program that best aligns with your child’s career path.

Math Mastery Program

Our Math Mastery Program takes students from Algebra all the way to Advanced Calculus, providing a solid foundation to build upon for any STEM career.

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Engineering Mastery Program

Our Engineering Mastery Program covers Physics, Chemistry and Math, preparing students for a career in Engineering or Technology.

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Pre-med Mastery Program

Our Pre-med Mastery Program instructs students in Biology, Chemistry and Math, giving them a jump start on a career in medicine.

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Students who complete one of our Mastery Programs are fully prepared to pursue the STEM career of their dreams.

Our Mastery Programs are highly intensive, blended, skills-based programs that cater to students who want to pursue a career in STEM. Each Mastery Program proceeds over the course of 4-5 years with students beginning in 8th or 9th grade*, and finishing the program prior to graduation. Through a spiraled learning path, students acquire basic knowledge and proceed upwards to more advanced courses as they achieve mastery in the STEM subjects they are pursuing. Every step of the way, a dedicated counselor ensures that the instruction is tailored to your child’s unique learning style and pace.

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With mastery in relevant subjects, your child will be a step ahead of the curve. Plus, they’ll be ready to pass any college entrance or certification exams.

Ready for College

Going above and beyond with in-depth learning shows prospective colleges and employers that your child is serious about pursuing their field of study.

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