High school Curriculum



This geometry online course is a blend of digital one-on-one sessions with the designated Stutorialz geometry tutor and online self-guided study. Students have up to two live sessions per week with the instructor at a time that works best for the student. Students actively engage with the lectures, interact with online resources, and solve practice tests at the end of each chapter to best prepare them for future exams. Computer-based activities and assignments are used to help reinforce concepts taught throughout the online geometry course. Students and parents can review progress and access the learning resources online including graded assessments, chapter quizzes, geometry practice exams, and a cumulative final. Review the course content in the next tab List of Topics.

Stutorialz tutors break down tough geometry concepts to make them easy to understand. Our expert geometry tutors are assigned to students based on their academic and personal style, and each one-on-one session is designed to help students succeed. Topics including formulas, terms, proofs, equations, and transformations will be covered, and online assignments and tests will help solidify the information covered in the lessons. Stutorialz tutors are available around the clock to answer last minute questions, help with test prep, and more. When students are on their own, they’ll be tasked with geometry assignments and practice quizzes, and their progress can be tracked online.

  1. Understanding of the Coordinate Plane
  2. Know how to calculate the slope of a line
  3. Write the equation of a line
  4. Simplify exponents
  5. Simplify radical expressions
  6. Solve systems of linear equations
  7. Solve a quadratic equation
  8. Multiply two binomials
  9. Factor quadratic trinomials
  10. Understand the concept of spatial reasoning
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to Euclidean Geometry
  • Chapter 2 – Constructions
  • Chapter 3 – Reasoning
  • Chapter 4 – Transformational Geometry
  • Chapter 5 – Congruent Triangles
  • Chapter 6 – Quadrilaterals
  • Chapter 7 – Similarity
  • Chapter 8 – Special Triangle Theorems
  • Chapter 9 – Coordinate Geometry and Coordinate Proofs
  • Chapter 10 – Solving Systems of Equations Graphically and Algebraically
  • Chapter 11 – Locus
  • Chapter 12 – Trigonometry of the Right Triangle
  • Chapter 13 – Circles
  • Chapter 14 – Area and Volume