STEM Tutoring

Short-term guidance in chosen topics

Whether they have fallen behind and need to catch up, or already doing well and looking for deeper understanding, our one-on-one, on-demand STEM tutoring gives your child tailored support designed to help them master a specific topic.

Expert STEM Tutors

Our expert tutors provide more than instruction to students: they provide guidance, inspiration, and one-on-one support to help your child succeed on their STEM career path.

Advanced Learning Platform

When you buy on-demand tutoring, your child also gets access to Stutorialz online learning platform. Our platform features a full STEM course catalog and engaging learning tools:
  • Ebooks with highlighting and note-taking features empower your child to better absorb the material.
  • Built-in videos, calculators and unit conversion tools make learning interactive and convenient.
  • Chapter assessments and formative exams test your child’s topic mastery and exam readiness.

Mastery of STEM Subjects

All of our tutors specialize in STEM subjects, giving your child access to the best online tutors for math and science courses.

Background Screening

Every Stutorialz tutor goes through a comprehensive application process including a background check to give you peace of mind.

What to Expect

Here’s what a typical week looks like in our On-Demand Tutoring program.


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Enroll your child to receive the guidance they need in a STEM subject throughout the school year.
Plans start at $220/month and include 6 hours of live one-on-one tutoring each month.

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Help your child master the STEM subjects they need to succeed.

Our Mastery Program offers long-term academic support to develop your child’s subject matter knowledge based on their desired STEM career path.
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