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Our interactive learning platform combines online math, science and AP courses with expert STEM tutors to help your child improve their grades and stay ahead of the curve.

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Designed to Meet the Needs and Learning Style of Every Child

When you enroll your child in the Stutorialz, they receive a personalized lesson plan powered by our online course platform, and one-on-one support from a dedicated tutor.

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Students take a pre-assessment to identify their individual strengths and weaknesses, and their particular learning style.

Personalized Curriculum

Based on the pre-assessment, a personalized curriculum path is determined and mapped out for each student.

One-on-One Instruction

As students complete their online courses, our expert STEM tutors provide one-on-one instruction and guidance.

Realtime Updates

Realtime progress reports highlight any areas for improvement that require focus during the last few weeks of the course.

Readiness Review

A week prior to the exam, a final assessment evaluates the mastery of material and makes sure your child is ready to ace the test.

Online Forum

Our expert STEM tutors and academic coaches moderate discussions to provide additional support and a sense of community for students.

The Stutorialz Online Learning Platform Puts Your Child on the Path to Success


Your child takes pre-assessment tests to determine their skills, knowledge, and readiness to take a course. Students are provided a detailed progress report at the end of the assessment outlining their strengths and weaknesses, and specific areas to focus on for improving their results in the course.

Personalized Curriculum

Based on the pre-assessment results, a personalized curriculum is designed for your student. With our online learning platform, students have access to their courses any time of day from any location with an Internet connection.

In addition to course materials, the Stutorialz online platform allows you and your student to view any posted course announcements, and a calendar of important upcoming course events such as homework due dates and assessments. Our interactive course platform also includes direct email access to your child’s tutor and a Learning Report detailing course activity, such as assessment scores, which you can download at any time throughout the course.

Stutorialz Online Curriculum Overview

Click below to learn more about the Stutorialz online curriculum:

Inside each eBook, concepts from each online course are broken into chapters and sub topics. Each chapter includes diagrams, graphs, or animated videos to provide visual demonstrations of the concepts to improve comprehension.

The interface for our Learning Management System (LMS) has several handy tools to make online coursework easier for your child. Students can highlight important information, take notes, and use the online calculator and units converter – all from within the Stutorialz course platform.

Our expert STEM tutors have created an extensive set of quizzes that are available for every chapter in a course. These self-assessments provide instant feedback on what students have learned in each chapter or sub topic and identifies which specific areas need to be revisited prior to moving to the next topic.

One-on-One Instruction

Our online platform provides the course materials and resources your child needs to succeed in their STEM courses, and they receive one-on-one support from our expert tutors throughout each course.

Formative assessments after each chapter provide a full 360-degree view of coursework to reinforce learning and step-by-step detailed solutions to help develop problem-solving abilities. Our online tutors will review the results and guide students to master one concept before tackling the next. Prior to a mock final exam covering the entire course, tutors will work closely to ensure each student has mastered the subject matter.

Realtime Progress

Throughout each course, you can view a detailed personalized progress report to see your student's course progress. This Learning Report provides realtime progress updates including how much time has been spent reviewing the content, assessments and quiz results. In addition, you can reach out to your child’s tutor or your Student Support Counselor to address any questions you have.

Readiness Review

As the end of each online STEM course approaches, students take a final assessment that details what sort of outcome they can expect from their exam. Results of the readiness review are provided immediately and students are guided to revisit specific topics as needed.

Bonus: Online Forum

To provide a sense of community for students, the Stutorialz platform includes an online forum where students can post questions and share information with other students taking the course. Stutorialz STEM tutors and staff monitor the discussions to provide additional insights and make sure all comments are appropriate.

Did you know?

When you enroll your student in the Stutorialz online learning platform, you’ll receive guidance from a dedicated Student Support Counselor. As your personal liaison, they’ll be with you from day one, helping you find the best tutor for your child, establish a plan of action and get familiar with our platform – including how to track your student’s progress. You can always reach out to them for help at any time.

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