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Stutorialz Custom Learning Plans and Tools Target Individualized Educational Needs


Students take a pre-assessment exam to identify individual strengths and weaknesses.

Personalized Curriculum

Based on the pre-assessment, a personalized curriculum path is determined and mapped out for the student.

Assessments & Periodic Updates

Through formative assessments and analysis throughout the course, our instructors monitor progress and offer guidance.

Interactive Online Forum

Faculty and teaching assistant moderate online forums / course discussions, to help support student learning.

Progress & Interactive Review Dialogs

Progress reports highlight and direct students to any areas needing improvement during the last few weeks of the program.

Readiness Review - A Week Prior to Exam

A final assessment evaluates the mastery of material and exam readiness.

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Your child takes pre-assessment tests to determine their skills, knowledge, and readiness to take a course. Students are provided a detailed progress report at the end of the assessment to determine their strengths and weakness, and areas to focus on in order to achieve higher success in the course.


Students can access their course 24/7. They will have direct email access to their instructors, view any posted course announcements, and view a calendar of important upcoming course events such as homework due dates and assessments. They can also download a Learning Report detailing their course activity, such as assessment scores, at any time.

Inside each e-book, theoretical concepts are broken into chapters and sub topics. Each chapter includes diagrams, graphs, or animated videos to provide visual demonstrations of the concepts to improve comprehension.

The LMS platform has several features to make the students' learning process easy. Students can highlight important information take notes and use the online calculator and units converter.

Our expert teaching staff has created an extensive question bank that provides self-assessment questions in the form of quizzes that are available for each and every chapter in a course. These tests provide students a quick assessment of what they have learned in each topic/chapter. Students get to view the results immediately and provide an instant view of what specifically needs to be revisited prior to moving to the next topic.


Formative assessments after each chapter allow the student to reinforce basic concepts and take the step towards a more aggressive assessment regimen. Self-paced formative assessments provide a series of more challenging questions. The assessment results allow the student a full 360-degree view of the coursework (to reinforce the student's learning) and step-by-step detailed solutions (to reinforce the student's problem-solving abilities). Faculty members also use the formative assessment results to guide the student. The students are then put through a more challenging adaptive assessment process; much like progressing through a video game challenge levels, the student climbs the "competency ladder" by mastering one concept at a time before tackling the next. The adaptive assessments culminate in a mock final exam covering the entire course.


Students get the opportunity to participate in online discussions, where they can post questions and share information with other students taking the course, as well as faculty and teaching assistants.


We provide a detailed personalized progress report to view student's course progress. The report provides detailed course activity data, like how much time has been spent reviewing the content, assessment or quiz results and more. Students may participate in person or connect remotely via live-streaming faculty-led review dialogs to submit questions.


Towards the end of the course as their test approaches, students take a final assessment that details what sort of outcome they can expect from their exam. With this assessment, students can dig even deeper into what they need to know. Results are immediate.