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We match your child to the right tutor and provide the materials, resources, and tools they need to succeed. Personal tutoring is ideal for students who are struggling in a subject, or who need help building a strong foundation or to catching up to their classmates in school.

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Kids today are busy, but that doesn’t mean they need to be overwhelmed. We help students achieve success while balancing the busiest of schedules and the toughest classes. Academic Coaching is ideal for students who are doing well in school but need a little guidance in order to navigate through doubt and toward improved grades.

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We offer courses to support students looking to break into higher levels of learning ahead of the school curriculum in preparation for college and beyond. Advance Prep is ideal for students who are willing to make significant commitment to study time with their tutor and on their own.

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Benefits of Personal Tutoring services:

Part of what makes the Stutorialz experience especially successful is our Student Support Counselors. As your dedicated liaison, they’ll be with you from day one, helping you find the best tutor, establish a plan of action, understand our platform, track your student’s progress, recommend solutions if your student falls behind, and more. Feel free to ask them for help at any time.

A pre-assessment

A pre-assessment that helps us identify and assign the tutor that best fits the student's level, learning style, and communication preferences.

Expert tutors

A two-pronged approach to Personal Tutoring to cover every angle.

Expert tutors

Expert tutors that provide more than instruction to students: they give guidance, inspiration, and support in ways that technology can't.

Teacher-student relationship

A meaningful teacher-student relationship that is proven to increase educational and personal advantages.

Constant communication

Constant communication, direct feedback, assessments, progress reports and communication with both the student and parents to keep them on track.

Treat Issues

The ability for you and your student to check course progress and address any issues or concerns at any time.

Our Approach



Pre-Assessment: Students take a pre-assessment exam to help us fully understand your student’s needs, goals, learning style, preferred communication, and more.



Curation: We carefully curate a tailored curriculum based on the unique needs of your student, helping both the student and teacher achieve success.



Instruction: One-on-one lessons from our expert tutors are designed to meet your student where their needs are, at a pace that’s comfortable to them.



Assessments and Updates: Through formative assessments and analysis throughout the course, tutors monitor progress and offer guidance.



Success: When your student succeeds in the classroom, they are laying a foundation for independent learning they can build on for the rest of their lives. We’ll help get them there.



Commitment: We require 90-120 days for students to show progress. It’s recommended that students schedule 2-3 classes per week with their tutor and that they allocate some time during the week to complete self-study assignments the tutor may provide.

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