Pre-Med Mastery

A long-term tutoring program to develop skills in biology,
chemistry and mathematics for a career in Medicine.

Pre-Med Mastery Overview

Our Pre-Med Mastery program is a four-year highly intensive, blended, skills-based, innovative Pre-Med Program catering to all high school students who seek excellence and mastery of concepts that will give them a jump start on their courses, college, and future career.

Students who enroll in our Pre-Med Mastery program will be fully prepared for any standardized competitive exams and receive the support they need to thrive in any higher academic program at school.

Pre-Med Mastery Objectives

Over the course of the Pre-Med Mastery program, students will:

Develop a deep understanding of important concepts in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics – essential for a career in Medicine.

Take a spiraled approach to learning, building a strong foundation in basic subject knowledge before moving on to the mastery of more advanced concepts.

Focus on developing critical thinking and analytical skills.

Shift their focus from rote learning to understanding and applying their knowledge to specific problem-solving situations.

Pre-Med Mastery Student Journey

See how a student progresses through our Pre-Med Mastery program from basic courses to more advanced STEM subjects.

What to Expect

Here’s what a typical week looks like in our Course Tutoring program.


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