High school Curriculum



This course covers topics such as: Characteristics of Living Systems, Human Structure and Function, Genetics and Mechanism of Inheritance, Genetic Engineering, Variation Adaptation Evolution, Reproduction and Development, Energy Pathways, Disease and Homeostasis, Interdependence, Biotic and Abiotic Interactions, and Technology and the Environment. The course will conclude with High school Biology exam. ( LAB REQUIRED). Review the course content in the next tab List of Topics.

This course combines online self-guided study and two live one-on-one review sessions with a carefully selected biology tutor each week. Students will be exposed to biology help in the form of expert lectures, helpful online resources, and practice tests. Online assignments will be used to help reinforce the biology help, and students and parents can assess the student's progress through graded assessments including midterm exams and a cumulative final.

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  1. Middle school Life Science course
  2. Middle school General Science, Earth Science and/or Physical Science course
  3. Pre-algebra or Algebra course
  • Chapter 1 – Characteristics of Living Organisms
  • Chapter 2 – Biochemistry and Enzymes
  • Chapter 3 – Cell and Cell Transport
  • Chapter 4 – Cell Energetics
  • Chapter 5 – Body Systems
  • Chapter 6 – Cell Division and Reproductive System
  • Chapter 7 – Mendelian Genetics
  • Chapter 8 – Molecular Genetics and Protein Synthesis
  • Chapter 9 – Biotechnology
  • Chapter 10 – Classification and Evolution
  • Chapter 11 – Plants
  • Chapter 12– Ecology and Human Impact