CLEP Curriculum

CLEP Chemistry


The chemistry CLEP preparatory course covers material that is usually taught in a one- year college course in general chemistry. Understanding of the structure and states of matter, reaction types, equations and stoichiometry, equilibrium, kinetics, thermodynamics, and descriptive and experimental chemistry is required. Review the course content in the next tab List of Topics.

Each student is assigned to a Stutorialz Tutor to help them during their course. This course is a blend of Live one on one session with the Tutor and Online Self study. Students have up to two live sessions per week with the instructor at preschedule time that works best for the student. Students actively engage with the lectures, interact with online resources, and solve practice tests at the end of each chapter. Computer based interactives and assignments help to reinforce concepts taught in the course. Students/parents can review the progress and access the learning through graded assessments, which include chapter quiz, midterm exams, and a cumulative final

  1. Recall—remember specific facts; demonstrate straightforward knowledge of information and familiarity with terminology
  2. Application—understand concepts and reformulate information into other equivalent terms; apply knowledge to unfamiliar and/or practical situations; use mathematics to solve chemistry problems
  3. Interpretation—infer and deduce from data available and integrate information to form conclusions; recognize unstated assumptions
  • Structure of Matter (20%)
  • States of Matter (19%)
  • Reaction Types (12%)
  • Equations and Stoichiometry (10%)
  • Equilibrium (7%)
  • Kinetics (4%)
  • Thermodynamics (5%)
  • Descriptive Chemistry (14%)
  • Experimental Chemistry (9%)

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