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1- What is your Name?*

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2- What grade is your child in?*

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3- Does your child have a negative attitude toward any subjects in school?*

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4- Does your child’s

homework cause stress or anxiety? *

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how long has it been a challenge?

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5- How has your child performed in past classes?

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6- Are there specific topics or concepts within the class that are especially challenging?

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7- Has your child developed any negative or unproductive homework habits? Especially when it comes to their assignments?

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8- The fastest pathway to a solution will be to discuss the challenges you’ve noticed with us directly via email or over the phone. That’ll give us the information we need to devise a plan for success, and the information you need to understand what you can expect by partnering with us. Please share your phone number or email address so we can start

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9- What is the best way to reach you?

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10- What time of day is most convenient?

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