Online Tutoring Platforms

The Stutorialz Tutoring Platform allows us to deliver engaging live virtual classes to your child on any device.
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No download required

Your child can access the Stutorialztutoring platform from a Chrome or Safari browser without the need to download any software or plugins like Flash or Java.

Effortless access

The Stutorialz online classroom software is integrated directly with our website, so all your child needs to do to access a tutoring class session or other learning resources is log in.

Learning on-the-go

Our platform allows students to attend live class sessions on the go on their smartphones and tablets using Android and iOS apps.

Easy administration

Live sessions are easily scheduled, managed and monitored with our system, which also generates reports for insights into your child's learning performance.

All live sessions are recorded

Stutorialz live virtual classes are recorded for later access by your child, making it easier to review the content or pick up something that may have been missed.

Your child is engaged

The Stutorialz virtual classroom technology increases your child's engagement with real-time audio-video and text communication, interactive whiteboard, and quizzes.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is essentially a digital version of a traditional classroom. In a Stutorialz virtual classroom, the tutor teaches and the student learns in real-time, face-to-face, but through internet-enabled technology devices. Typical classroom features, such as a whiteboard, are available. Discussions happen in realtime. Tests or quizzes are given and taken before or after the session.

However, the virtual classroom has one important advantage over a traditional classroom: the online classroom uses more technology to support instruction and learning. Therefore, it offers more flexibility, such as not requiring the teacher and student to be in the same location.Moreover, an online classroom can typically incorporate more tools, such as the option of live screen and application sharing, which allows tutors to share their screen in real time and provide remote assistance, or the option of incorporating multimedia content and social media, if desired.

Virtual Classroom Features
High-definition video conferencing

Participants communicate face-to-face online with enhanced audio-video quality. The full-screen conference mode ensures improved output for a real classroom experience. Students enjoy unhindered live classes with low-latency online video streaming and unlimited, echo-free audio output for better results and distraction-free learning.

Real-time interaction

The interaction between student and tutor during the live class happens in realtime, and the tutor can even transfer the audio or video control to the student in the live session. Students can use the live chat feature to ask questions. With the option of live screen and application sharing, tutors can share their screen in real-time and provide remote assistance.

Server-side recording

With the Stutorialz Tutoring Platform, automated server-side recording (SSR) is working in the background whenever a class is streaming live, and it captures the session directly on our server. The recording can be made available in MP4 format within minutes of the end of the session. Since the live session is captured on our servers, the internet speed of attendees does not impact the recording quality. And because there is no upload required from the student's device, your child can attend class even on devices with low-end CPUs. Multi-bitrate (MBR) streaming adapts the live streaming to any attendee's internet bandwidth and CPU capacity, so there is little buffering even with low-end connections.

Advanced interactive whiteboard

The interactive online whiteboard includes a full-screen mode to create a bigger workspace. The tutor can also open multiple whiteboards to draw, illustrate, show diagrams and images, or play videos. The whiteboard also comes with out-of-the-box advanced geometric shapes and graphs to make it easier for the tutor to teach math and statistics. Line diagrams and shapes are included for teaching physics and chemistry – hassle-free. The tutor is able to annotate to explain, illustrate and comment on an existing file or image.