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The Stutorialz online STEM course and tutoring platform is built by parents for parents to help kids master math and science subjects while boosting their self-confidence.

The Stutorialz Difference

Combining a powerful and easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS) with expert STEM tutors, Stutorialz gives you and your child the best online course platform with one-on-one support!

State of The Art Technology

Stutorialz uses the latest technology to deliver online course content, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses through a fully interactive platform. Our online learning platform gives students control over their learning pace, with the flexibility to access all of the resources they need from any device, anytime.

Expert STEM Tutors

We believe that teachers and tutors will always be an integral part of the learning process because they provide more than instruction to students: they provide guidance, inspiration and support in ways that technology cannot. Every Stutorialz tutor passes a rigorous application process to ensure they meet our high standards for mastery of STEM subjects, and they can tutor students in a way that engages their particular learning style.

Personalized Curriculum

We design a personalized curriculum for each student based on pre-assessment results and assigns tutors that best fit your student's skill level, learning style and communication preferences. Your assigned tutor will be dedicated to your student throughout each course, building a meaningful teacher-student relationship and to maintain consistency and gain the educational advantages that come with building a meaningful teacher-student relationship.

One-on-One Instructions and Realtime Feedback

Our expert tutors provide one-on-one instruction to tailor lessons for each student and their particular needs. Throughout each course, our online learning platform allows for direct feedback, assessments, and communication with both students and parents. In addition, you and your student can check course progress in realtime and address any issues or concerns.

Student Support Counselor

When you enroll your student in Stutorialz, you get access to a dedicated Student Support Counselor to help you get started and make sure you have the best experience with our online course platform. Like a high school Guidance Counselor or Academic Advisor, your Student Support Counselor is with you from day one, making sure your child enrolls in the right courses and matched with the right tutor for their particular needs. They’ll also help you monitor your student’s progress and you can reach out for help from your Student Support Counselor at any time.

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